Financial Management for Startups & Technology companies

Marketing and Design of Technological Products*

One of the main objectives of marketing science is to achieve customer satisfaction by forming value-based customer relations. In the marketing arena, and especially in the high-tech industry, gaining a lead in the market or overtaking the competition represents a milestone in marketing operational and strategic thought, and involves complex planning and marketing concepts. Hence, the course’s purpose is to set out the fundamental terminology – theoretical as well as practical, managerial as well as operational – required in order to truly understand marketing science, and specifically, technology marketing.

Course participants will be exposed to a current view of marketing philosophy, from the initial stage of marketing analysis, product planning, and market pricing, to implementation of the most suitable market channels. The course will be taught through a managerial and practical prism, which will provide a contextual exposure to market applications operating in large organizational frameworks.


Albert Einstein

Eyal David